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Can I Go Visit The Property Before I Make a Purchase?

Yes, of course! Please feel free to visit the property at your convenience prior to making your purchase. We encourage this when possible, and provide GPS coordinates, maps, and driving directions on each property page under the “Location” information. If you need more help locating the property, we are happy to help.

Can someone meet me at the property?

Due to the nationwide span and the remote locations of our properties, we are not able to meet you at a property. However, you are welcome to visit the property you are interested in at any time that’s convenient for you. The street address, GPS coordinates, and directions can be found on the property page under the “Location” information. Feel free to contact us should you need additional assistance locating a property.

Are there Any Liens on the Property?

No, we guarantee clear title on all of our properties. We do an extensive in-house title search, and we have a 100% money-back guarantee to back this promise. Unlike many of our competitors, we guarantee that you will not get stuck with a property with delinquent property taxes, delinquent HOA dues, or title issues.

Can I Buy from You Even if I don’t Live in the State the Property is in?

Yes! You can purchase a property no matter where you live. We’ve even had buyers from other countries purchase land from us.

How do I qualify for seller financing?

We have no lengthy pre-qualification process, no credit checks, and no red tape. If you can pay the down payment and are comfortable with the low monthly payments, you can purchase land from us using seller financing. Is it too good to be true? Here's our process, simple and transparent - we hold the deed to the property while you are financing the land as collateral for your note. When it is paid in full, we transfer the deed to you at that time. Simple. Affordable. Transparent.

How do I Purchase a Property?

Once you’ve decided on the right property, you can check out directly on the property page by clicking the “Buy Now” button. You can purchase the property by paying in full, or in installments – just select your preference. If you’d like to purchase via another method, please feel free to contact us for all payment options. Email sales@landelevated.com

What Happens After I Purchase the Property on the Website?

Here is what the purchase process is like: Once you have chosen the property that you would like to purchase, you can make the down payment directly on the website. We'll ask for your billing and contact details and use that information to generate your contract. This process takes about 2 business days, so be on the lookout for an email with your fully executed contract. You'll open this email and sign your contract electronically in a few simple clicks. Congratulations - you are now a land owner! You can use this contract as proof of ownership and start using your land right away. One thing our customers love is that they don't have to wait until the land is paid off to start building on or developing their new properties - the property is yours to use (within county and/or HOA regulations, of course) as soon as you sign your contract. Finally, we will send you copies of your contract and property information in an official Land Elevated Closing Packet. You can save these copies for your records or to show to your friends and family as you tell them about your new land purchase!

How do I make my monthly payments?

You can set up auto payments from a bank account, credit card, or debit card at no extra charge. Or you can make monthly payments each month directly on our website. We can also accept other types of payment methods such as cashier's check, wire transfer, or Paypal.

What is the Processing Fee for?

We are proud to offer the lowest processing fee in the industry - only $199. Because we cut out middle-men, we are able to prepare your contract, set up your monthly payments, prepare your documents, mail you a closing packet, and even coordinate the deed transfer - all for $199. You'll find that many of our competitors charge extra fees for each of these items, but we keep it simple and affordable so you can spend your money on more land purchases, not unexpected penalties or fees.

How Can I be Sure that I am Buying a Property from a Real Company?

Land Elevated has been in the business since 2015. Our reputation is important to us. We always have a real person in our office to speak to you. Also, be sure to check out our online reviews on Google and Facebook to see what our customers are saying about us.

How Come the Address on your Website is in Wyoming but the Property on County Records shows an Address in Colorado?

The LLC was formed in the state of Wyoming. One of our founders lives in Colorado which is why our properties show an address in Colorado.

If I look on County Records will I see Land Elevated?

We take ownership of properties under the name of a Trust or an LLC. Land Elevated is our Sales Company and will not show as the property owner in County Records. You will see the name of the Trust or LLC both in the County Records and on your Land Contract.

How Come You Folks are in Multiple States?

We are a remote team that works together from where we want to live. Friends and family are important to us, so we live where we can access both the easiest instead of being tied to an office in one location. We hire based on talent not proximity. We have all known and worked with each other for many years in a variety of different companies. We decided to come together to form the team that we currently have established today.

Do you have any type of prepayment penalty or fee?

We never charge any prepayment penalties or fees. Pay down the principal sooner to avoid additional interest and save in the long run.

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