Why You Should Consider Living in Luna, New Mexico

Many people are attracted to New Mexico for its beautiful scenery. However, anywhere in the state can be an ideal place to live in. This includes Luna County.

The most crucial reason you should consider living in Luna County is its land availability and low living cost.

We’re providing the essential information about this US county and listing the reasons why you may want to consider living in Luna, New Mexico.

An Introduction to Luna County

Luna was founded on March 16, 1901, and was named after rancher Don Salomon Luna.

In the 19th century, it was a part of the extensive ranch lands of Don Salomon Luna and was used as a sheep ranch.

In 1883, Luna was settled by Mormon ranchers and was subjected to some attacks by the Chiricahua Apache tribe before the surrender of Geronimo.

Quick Facts About Luna County

In the present day, Luna County has a population of 25,532, according to the recent census. Its county seat is Deming.

The county is located 7 miles from the Arizona border and 21 miles from the village Reserve on the San Francisco River. But, unfortunately, it’s next to the border of Mexico.

Like in all of New Mexico, Luna’s climate is dry and temperate. The summer months can go up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while it’s around 50 degrees from November to February.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Living in Luna County

Here are three main reasons why you should make Luna County in New Mexico your new home.

  1. Plenty of land available

There’s plenty of space in Luna. Nearly 200,000 acres of land in total were listed for sale recently.

The number represents a combined $60 million in the county, including land owned by the Santa Fe National Forest and the Bureau of Land Management.

Meanwhile, the median home value is approximately $118,000, which is about $20,000 lower than in the state or the country in general.

       2. Lower cost of living

The cost of living in the county is significantly lower compared to the US state in general.

A single adult living in Deming only costs around $31,000 a year. This is roughly equal to the cost of living in New Mexico, which is around $32,000, though much less than the nationwide figure of $38,000.

Most of the figures for living cost in Luna County are lower than the state and national figures. This covers health care, tax, transportation, child care, and housing.

       3. Surrounded by nature

There are state parks aplenty in Luna County, New Mexico, ensuring you’re always surrounded by nature.

The Rockhound State Park, City of Rocks State Park, and Pancho Villa State Park are all within driving distance.

There’s also the Gila National Forest with its Head of the Ditch Campground to serve your outdoor recreation needs.

New Mexico is also generally known for having clean air throughout the state. Even its largest cities are low on pollution. So living here might be healthier.

Final Thoughts

Luna County offers plenty of land with healthier air.

Additionally, the cost of living in Luna County, New Mexico, is lower compared to other cities. Homeownership is also possible for those looking to buy a home instead of renting one.

If you’re looking for an ideal place with deep roots in history where nature is all around, this county has what it takes.

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