Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to San Bernardino

Do you have major plans to move to San Bernardino? If yes, you should know that moving to California isn’t as simple as packing your bags and driving across the border. There are aspects you must look into before moving to this sunny location.

Moving to this area is no doubt a big step forward for anyone looking to start their career, pursue higher studies, or start a family.

However, to ensure a smooth transition into life in San Bernardino, you need to take some time to learn all there is to know about the city.

In this post, we’ve provided valuable information about this US city, such as the cost of living and places of education.

An Introduction to San Bernardino

San Bernardino is located in Southern California, approximately 70 miles east of downtown Los Angeles with a total area of 2,741 square miles. Riverside County borders it to the north and west, Inland Empire to the south, and Ontario to the northeast.

The metropolitan area includes several cities such as:

  • Redlands
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • Fontana, Rialto
  • Colton
  • Moreno Valley
  • Yucaipa, Highland
  • Loma Linda
  • Lake Elsinore
  • Perris, Wildomar
  • Menifee
  • Santa Monica
  • Beverly Hills
  • Griffith Park

This city is the ideal area to live in; if you love being surrounded by places, you can go with the family for vacations or simply to explore your local area.

Quick Facts About San Bernardino

With a population of nearly 400,000 people, San Bernardino is the second largest city in Riverside County, California. The city has one of the most diverse populations, with over 60 languages spoken within the city limits. This is where the Chicano Movement started.

The area got its name from Spanish missionaries who named the city after Saint Bernardino, who was an Italian priest. This area has 44 city parks, 31 playgrounds, and more stunning walking trails.

And did you know that the first McDonald’s restaurant started in the city during the early 1960s? Today, more than 2,500 restaurants around the world bear the name “McDonald’s.”

Additionally, several major corporations in the area, include Apple Inc., Lockheed Martin Corp., and UBS AG.

Cost to stay in San Bernardino

The median rent in sunny San Bernardino is around $940 per month, and the median purchase price is $160,000. These rent and property costs may be higher compared to other states.

However, the cost of property may vary depending on where you want to move to in San Bernardino.

Education in San Bernardino

Parents will find excellent elementary schools in San Bernardino for young children entering school. Depending on where you stay in the city, you can send your child to Hillside Elementary or Kimbark Elementary.

A couple of great high schools in the area are San Bernardino High and Arroyo High. There are over 10 high schools in the city, so you are sure to find one close to your home. Luckily, they are all pretty good schools!

There are around 20 colleges in the city, including San Bernardino Valley College and California State University. So if you have children leaving high school, they’ll have plenty of options for tertiary education.

What’s the Weather Like in San Bernardino?

The weather is warm and sunny in San Bernardino because the city is located in a desert area. Throughout the year, the temperatures in the city can vary from 42 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures rarely drop below 32 degrees or reach higher than 103 degrees.

Between June and September is when this area experiences high temperatures. But the hottest month of the year is August, with temperatures reaching around 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures start dropping around mid-November and will decrease to 42 degrees Fahrenheit by December, the coldest month of the year.

Recreational Activities in San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County, California, is a great place to enjoy recreational activities. The county has over 200 parks and recreation areas that offer many activities for people of all ages.

There are also several golf courses, museums, zoos, botanical gardens, historical sites, and other attractions throughout the area.

The following list includes some of the most popular recreational activities available:

  • Hikes to Deep Creek Hot Springs
  • Parties at National Orange Show Festival
  • Walks through Glen Helen Regional Park
  • Shows at The California Theater of Performing Arts
  • Go-karting at San Bernardino Raceway
  • Rafting at Harbor Kayak
  • Silverwood Lake State Recreational Area
  • Climbing up San Bernardino Mountains

There are activities for the whole family in this area. So, if you have a large family with different interests, they’ll all have something to keep them entertained.

Restaurants in San Bernardino, CA

There are over 100 restaurants in San Bernardino. The area is known for its delicious Mexican food, but there are other options to choose from.

You’ll want to visit the Claim Jumper SteakHouse and Bar if you love a juicy steak. On the other hand, if you prefer Italian foods, you’ll love Olive Garden Italian Restaurant.

If you want a quick bite to eat, then you can visit a McDonald’s or Applebee’s. But if you’re feeding a large family, the best place to go is Alfredo’s Pizza and Pasta.

Cost of Food in San Bernardino

The cost of food in this region is $1,923 per year. This average price ranks in the top 100 out of all cities in California and across the United States. If you eat at an inexpensive restaurant, you can expect to pay $20 per person for a 3-course meal.

To give you an idea, here is the average cost of necessities:

  • Milk 1lt: $0.92
  • Loaf of fresh white bread: $2.82
  • Dozen eggs: $3.47

Final Thoughts

San Bernardino is the ideal place to move to if you’re starting a family. The area has everything you need, such as schools, affordable markets, restaurants, and places for recreational activities.

Additionally, the cost of living in the city is lower compared to other states such as New York or Maryland. There are also plenty of job opportunities around the area in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills.

If you want to live in an area with rich history, good food, and fun activities for the whole family, then San Bernardino is the place to be.

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