Coleman Became a Young Land Investor

How Coleman Became a Young Land Investor Building His Colorado Dream Home Early

Coleman is one step ahead of most 25-year-olds. He knows that starting to invest in his dream young will help him to get ahead in life. He is already creating his vision of being a landowner and building his dream house and garage on a beautiful piece of Colorado property. He plans to enjoy all of the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer and live in a beautiful rural place where he can have his privacy.

The Dream

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Coleman wanted to buy land to accomplish one of his dreams. Being only 25 and being a landowner at such a young age really puts him ahead by giving him a place to build the house and garage of his dreams without very many restrictions outside of the usual permits. Also, while in the building process he will have a place to enjoy the beautiful Colorado countryside and enjoy all of the mountain recreational activities that draw so many to this state.

He has wanted a piece of land for a while to start the journey for his dreams. Then, he heard about Land Elevated from his uncle, another Land Elevated customer. They both really like what Land Elevated does for folks – the kindness, awesome customer service and always timely responses for questions. I knew that this company would be the perfect fit. Once he found Land Elevated, he was able to find the piece of land that was just what he was looking for!

Coleman plans to use the land recreationally at first. Its great location is near the mountains and close to great camping, hiking, and fishing spots. He and his uncle will build his dream home and garage from the ground up on this beautiful property that is a blank slate for him to design and create the home and garage of his dreams.

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