Kevin Blake

How Kevin and Jesica found a property to build their legacy

Kevin and Jesica were tired of being in the rat race, moving from place to place year after year. They wanted to buy some land, build a home, and build a legacy for their newborn son. Find out how they made it happen.

The Dream

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Kevin is like many of us. He’s a hard-working husband and father with a dream of owning his own property, building a modest home, and eventually living debt free. But as time went by, he started to lose hope that he would be able to save enough to make his dream a reality. “We had been renting for the last 12 years, and honestly, we moved 11 times in those 12 years. We were getting pretty tired of having to pick up and go somewhere else every year.”

But Kevin never lost hope, and neither did his wife, Jesica. They kept working hard and saving what they could each month. Then 2 years ago, they were blessed with the birth of their son, and they had a renewed inspiration to make their dream of owning their own property a reality.

“Jesica kept looking and luckily, we came across Land Elevated. Within 2 weeks, we went from thinking we were never going to be able to afford our dream, to buying our first property. We only wish we had found you guys sooner.”

Kevin Blake

Kevin is an electrician by trade and plans to use his knowledge and experience to build their home and develop their property. “We have already started to clear the land and have plans to get our septic installed soon so we can start building. We have already met a few of our neighbors, planted a banana tree, and started plotting out where the house will be. We couldn’t be more excited.”

What Kevin and Jesica liked most about working with Land Elevated was how simple the process was. “We went into this thinking it would be a challenge, but it was the opposite. With just a few clicks, we made our down payment, signed the contract and bought our property. There was no pressure at all and it was such a pleasant experience.”

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