How Erika & Rufino found their dream property

Erika had long been dreaming of the day when she could help her father, Rufino, start his own sustainable farm. See how she made it happen with not just one, but two properties in Los Angeles County, CA

The Dream

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Erika has always had a great relationship with her father, Rufino, and she always admired how hard he worked to take care of their family. “He was always out in yard gardening or working on something” she recalls. She knew he had a dream of owning his own farm and being able to provide food for his family from the hard work he put in. She made it a personal goal of hers to one day help him to buy his own property to fulfill that dream.

Rufino was also a community man, working his day shift as a Warehouse Manager and serving his community as a part-time Pastor. His work ethic and commitment to providing for his family and serving his community inspired Erika to follow in his footsteps and find a way to help him bring his vision to reality.

As soon as Erika felt like she had the means, she started searching for the perfect property for her dad. Now more than ever, they were ready to start building their sustainable farm where they planned to raise free-range, antibiotic free chickens and grow organic, non-GMO produce. It had become important to them to be able to source their own food and to ensure it was produced in a sustainable way without any GMOs or unnatural additives.

Erika & Rufino

So, Erika did what most of us do these days, and she went to the internet for help. She searched on Craigslist, Facebook, Google and anywhere else she could find land for sale. As she came across some listings of properties for sale, she found it was hard to confirm all the pertinent details to ensure the property would allow them to fulfill their vision.

Then (lucky for us) Erika found Land Elevated. “Land Elevated provided all of the important information we needed about the lots. Information on access, electricity, permits, drilling a well, and most importantly, the zoning. Most of the other sellers I came across didn’t have the details on the zoning. I also loved the valuable information Land Elevated provided like phone numbers, addresses and resources for local providers and county contacts. They made my purchase so easy!”

Making dreams like this come true for families like Erika and Rufino is why we do what we do, and we’d love to help you find your dream property as well.

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